June 2020 book update: Short story collection

Honestly, though the coronavirus pandemic has thrown me for a loop regarding my book projects, I still intend on releasing my short story collection in fall 2020. The collection will feature three short stories previously featured in the Demonic Anthology Collection: "Demonic Wildlife," "Demonic Household," and "Demonic Carnival." There will be a bonus short story, … Continue reading June 2020 book update: Short story collection

Short story excerpt: ‘Sammy’s Butterflies’

The following is an excerpt from my short story "Sammy's Butterflies," which appears in the 2018 anthology "Florida's Emerging Writers". Hope you enjoy reading it! Sammy, I’m coming.  Driving across the bridge on an autumn day, there are mountains ahead with a blanket of blue sky and clouds.   Kind of takes forever to cross this … Continue reading Short story excerpt: ‘Sammy’s Butterflies’

February 2021 book update: ‘Warding Off Reality’

I am done with editing/revising my manuscript for “Warding Off Reality.” Done, done, done! (I’m speaking in a happy way— I don’t want to give off the tone that I’m complaining and frustrated.) Late last week, I reached out to a publishing consultant for help in getting “Warding Off Reality” off the ground. I scheduled … Continue reading February 2021 book update: ‘Warding Off Reality’