Poems published on online literary magazines

I would like to thank two online literary magazines for publishing my poetry within the last two weeks.

The first one is The Social Poet. In its own words, the website “has become a home for a broad spectrum of writers, and continues to grow as an outlet for some of the world’s most rejected works of literary genius.” About two weeks ago (Friday, Aug. 2), The Social Poet editors emailed me, informing me that they published my poem “A To-Do-for-Myself List” as that day’s featured piece. When you see the home page, my poem is located in the left-hand column.

The second website that published my poem is Contraposition, which in addition to publishing poetry and fiction, features videos of performance poetry. On Aug. 13, the Contraposition editors published my poem “A Reflection on Blake.”

FYI, I found these two websites through Craigslist.org. In addition to jobs, dates and used furniture, there are always print and online literary magazines soliciting new material. Just check out the “Writing” section under “Gigs”. Keep in mind that though some may pay for submissions, others don’t.

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