Poem: “Surpassing the Hourglass” by me

The following poem,” Surpassing the Hourglass”, is about a broken friendship. I wrote this in response to the way my friend acted when she decided to terminate our friendship. Mind you, we’ve been besties since sixth grade. The poem is in my poetry collection “How Fate’s Confusion Connects.”

Surpassing the Hourglass

You outgrew our hourglass.

Time at the least for you has ceased.

Never thought your size would surpass;

The last fight was an ugly beast.


The shattered hourglass spills sand.

My mind was fraught and racked with guilt.

The broken shards have cut my hands.

You gave me scars with pain you built.


As I lie down at night to weep,

Voices dance with rage in my head.

Behind me your words always creep.

My friendship with you—I now shed.


I wait for that telephone ring,

The one that’s created by you.

To others, stubborness you bring,

All by yourself you have to be.


Upon the sand and glass, your feet

Must so much ache, bleed, and blister.

Recall that your words were not sweet

Because I deemed you my sister.


It’s just like you to misconstrue

When I wanted to be honest.

You betrayed me, I “betrayed” you.

Pray your conscience lets you rest.


’Til dust and bone, you’re on your own,

But I do miss you, my dear friend.

Sand buries what you won’t condone;

You shun friendship you will not wend.

— Teresa Edmond, Spring 2005

Teresa Edmond-Sargeant is an Orlando, FL-based writer, journalist, author and poet. She is the founder/owner of Heathermoors Books & Words, a boutique freelance writing service that customizes content for local publications and small businesses in Central Florida. A former staff writer in North Jersey, Edmond-Sargeant won two NJ Press Association Awards. She is the author of a poetry book “How Fate’s Confusion Connects” and an Amazon Kindle short story ebook “Eve the First,: A Fairy Tale Revision”.

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