Poems from “How Fate’s Confusion Connects”

Good morning all! Here are some poems from my book “How Fate’s Confusion Connects: “Beauty Scars”, “Full-Page Ad” and “With All Reputations Intact”. Feel free to leave your comments below about what you think!

“Beauty Scars”

It’s a woman’s duty
To be a beauty,

Though society dictates
That we must equate.

The depth of narcissism is clearer
than the image in a mirror.

To conquer this domain
Means to be vain,

Lest a woman be viewed
As pitiful and crude.

If a woman is plain,
Her existence will wane.

Beauty will do all to claim
My soul; beauty maims.

With cosmetics and prosthetics
Women are aesthetic,

But impart on us all this pain,
Our worth we feign.

With every ounce of sinew
Beauty we can’t eschew.

And how can beauty be immortalized
When eventually our ages are realized?


“Full Page Ad”
Face paint nor fun props make not prone
The one sunny, funniest clown,
But she who bemoans she’s alone
Whom no one wants to be around.
Come see the highlight of the saddest circus in town!


“With All Reputations Intact”

A Nobel Peace Prize winner,
Known in circles for his brain
Works late one night, eats dinner,
And then jumps before a train.

A housewife has five small cubs.
She adores them very much.
She drowns each in a bathtub
So the devil will not touch.

A reverend so holy
Rapes her in a parking lot.
He slices her throat slowly
Because God’s wrath she has brought.

A schoolboy’s so popular,
Classmates say he lacks allure.
He thanks them by going far.
The reward is massacre.

A husband loves by scorning
(Never been caught—so clever!)
Lies in bed the next morning
With both of his heads severed.

A young, thirsty wallflower
Wants to quench her thirst with bleach.
Each party guest passes her;
She smiles kindly at each.


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