“What’s your damage, Heather?” and other quotable “Heathers” quotes

Heathers (1989):I LOVE this movie! It’s witty, cleverly written and hits the target with its commentary on peer pressure, teenage suicide and high school politics. A girl desperate to get out of the most popular (and nastiest) clique at Westerburg High teams up with a dark rebel to take out the most popular students. A lot of dialogue from the movie have some very rated-R material that can’t be repeated here; however, below I listed a smattering of memorable one-liners from that film:

Corn Nuts!” — Heather Chandler

“Transfer to Washington. Transfer to Jefferson. No one at Westerberg is going to let you play their reindeer games.” — Heather Chandler

“What is your damage, Heather?” — Veronica Sawyer

“I say we just grow up, be adults and die.” — Veronica Sawyer

“I like it. It’s got that what-a-cruel-world-let’s-toss-ourselves-in-the-abyss type ambience.” J.D.

“The extreme always seems to make an impression.” — J.D.

“Our love is God, let’s go get a Slushie.” — J.D.

“Your society nods its head at any horror the American teenager can think to bring upon itself.” -J.D.

“This isn’t just a spoke in my menstrual cycle.” — Veronica Sawyer

“Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?” — Heather Chandler

“It’s one thing to want someone out of your life, but it’s another thing to serve them a wake-up cup full of liquid drainer.” — Veronica Sawyer


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