9/11 steel

Every now and then, we reporters run across a story that makes us swell with pride as we report and write it. Though without a doubt 9/11 is a very tragic moment in history, there is plenty of patriotism and strength mustered up from this crisis.

Last week, I spoke with members of the Wanaque First Aid Squad (in Wanaque, NJ) about the fact that they acquired a piece of steel salvaged from the ruins of the World Trade Center. It turned out that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns Ground Zero, was handing out debris of steel to public service officers and governments that solicit for so. The Wanaque First Aid Squad will have a procession surrounding their new addition to their town on Sunday, March 20.  

Looking at pictures of the warped steel the Wanaque First Aid Squad e-mailed me, I was amazed at what has survived the disaster, even though the Twin Towers no longer stand. A picture of the steel was published in the March 6 edition of The Suburban Trends, but for some reason, the web editors didn’t post that picture online with my story.

On the surface, the obtained steel is just that — steel. Rusted, warped metal in which it may be easier to chuck and forget about. But the hundreds of governments and public service officials keeping a piece of steel serves as a reminder that this country is resilient in the face of the smoke and fire that engulfed the World Trade Center, and the staunch refusal to be daunted by terrorism.

You can find the story, posted on northjersey.com, here.

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