The College of Poetry: The End (for Now)

The last day for College of Poetry was yesterday, Aug. 28. I must say that in the eight weeks of the workshop, it has been quite an experience. When I sit thorugh the two hours of the workshop every Saturday morning, I felt inspired to write a poem, or to at least be given the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of poetry. A big thanks to William Seaton for his inspiring, deep lectures and to my classmates for their encouraging nature and providing a platform for exchanging ideas.

Because of the College of Poetry session for the past two summer months, I was able to produce four new poems: “Ode to Coffee,” “Through the New York State Countryside,” “The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli: a Poem,” and “A Reflection on Blake.” They are now posted on my blog in the “Poems” section.

The College of Poetry website is www.collegeofpoetry.com.

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