Reruns of “Absolutely Fabulous (AbFab)” still hold up

Absolutely Fabulous (AbFab)
It’s a very funny show, full of that traditional British wit often found in British sitcoms. It’s a British sitcom about two middle-aged women, Edina and Patsy, who is always living the high life — often while getting high (or especially drunk …). One of them has a teenage level-headed daughter, Saffron, who outright disapproves their hard-partying ways, and as a result is constantly butting heads with the two women.

I’ve seen every episode of AbFab several times. Jennifer Saunders created the show, wrote every script and played Edina. This show is a brilliant commentary about driving on the fast lane without brakes. I wish could own the entire program on DVD, but an entire set (five seasons, or series as they’re called in the UK) they can be quite expensive.

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