Books, books, books …

As a writer, inspiration comes in many forms for creating new stories. But in terms of being disciplined to work on a book, I find that the simplest way to get started is to be surrounded by books. Knowing that there are so many authors who can break through hurdles to get published is an inspiration in itself. And I know that if they can get published, so can I.

To fuel my self-discipline, sometimes I go to Barnes and Noble in Hackensack with my laptop. I also go to the coffeehouse to write. However, the problem is if the coffeehouse doesn’t have any books, then I can’t read one while taking a break from my writing. Of course I can bring a book, but I also like to skim through the shelves and see what the bookstore has to offer. And what bookstores have to offer with their published books is hope for one’s own writing career.

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