The b-day celebration continues

My b-day celebration continues, albeit without any cake. Last night, my family and I went to Teggiano’s in South Hackensack. It’s an Italian restaurant that serves really delicious food. I love Italian food, but I didn’t have any pasta. I had broiled salmon, steamed spinach, roasted potatoes and a little bowl of veggies. When the waiter came out with sample of deserts like tiramisu, chocolate mousse, cannoli and cheesecake, my mouth watered. But because I’ve been having a little too much junk food this week – even with the banana split on my birthday and a plate of nachos drenched in cheese, black beans, tomatoes and salsa yesterday – I shouldn’t have any more junk food for now. So I passed on the dessert (sight).

But celebrating my birthday with my family was wonderful!

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