Spoiling myself

For my birthday, my boyfriend Jim gave me perfume. It’s made by Pacifica (never heard of them) and the scent is Tahitian Gardenia. When I read the box the bottle came in, I told my boyfriend, “Even in the dead of winter, I could still smell like Tahiti in the summer.” He laughed. I wore the fragrance to the Dautaj for my birthday lunch.

Today, I’m also planning to go shopping with my daughter. I have to return a pair of shoes to H&M. I purchased this pair for my daughter, but I’m returning them because she said they feel too tight. Not only do I want to shop at H&M, but I also want to go to New York & Company – they have such trendy clothes at such reasonable prices (listen to me – I sound like a commercial!). NY&C also e-mail me plenty of coupons, though I could only use one per purchase. It’s been a while since I went clothes shopping. I’ve wanted to indulge myself. Besides, I need office clothes; I hardly have any left that fit me.

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